I create high quality photographic moments for you.

I embody authenticity, brilliance and creativity.

As a photographer, media creator and storyteller, I take on the tasks of my clients with the utmost respect to realize the best possible quality while adhering to modern standards, creating lasting visual treasures.

The medium of photography has fascinated humanity from the very beginning. Since the announcement of the photographic process in Paris, the medium has undergone fundamental changes, has been digitalized, democratized and has become a language - the visual language. The use of photographic imagery has become an integral part of communication, so it is of immense importance to develop a consistent and high-quality visual language. Through the targeted use of authentic and first-class photography, your story can be told in the best possible way. This is where I would like to support you, please contact me

The unique characteristic of virtual tours is their immersion. The viewer is offered the opportunity to move in a virtual image space and thus to immerse himself or herself in this visual medium. By creating high-quality 360° x 180° panoramas, a fully enclosed image circle is generated for the spectator, which as a sphere serves as the basis of the virtual tour. Subsequently, the virtual tour is visually designed according to branding specifications and, if required, merged with other multimedia elements to create a virtual experience.

The applications of virtual tours are manifold. For example, they can serve as documentation or be used for advertising purposes. Virtual tours can be displayed on all modern devices, on the web, in apps and on VR glasses. Through the immersion of the viewer, an increased trust value is generated, which makes the shown scenery appear more truthful and realistic! 

I will gladly tailor an individual package for your requirements, please get in touch with me.

Based on my long-term experience, I will assist you in establishing or optimizing a digital workflow. Today's demands on companies and institutions are complex, especially the generation and administration of digital media often appears as a complex challenge. The scope of issues includes process and strategy development, technology and software solutions as well as implementation strategies. 

I support you according to your requirements in specific questions or develop and supervise an overall concept for integration in cooperation with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me

Sebastian Albert

Für mich stellen Fotografien wertvolle Geschichten unserer Zeit dar! Mit 15 Jahren entdeckte ich mein Interesse für dieses spannende Medium, welches mich bis heute maßgeblich beschäftigt.  2007 bekam ich die Möglichkeit als österreichischer Delegat am International Youth Media Workshop, 2008 am International Youth Media Summit in Belgrad teilzunehmen, welches mein Bewusstsein nicht nur für Medien stark erweiterte. 2014 schloss ich die Lazi Akademie als staatlich anerkannter Foto- und Kommunikationsdesigner mit dem Lazi Diplom ab und erhielt die Auszeichnungen "Lazi Award" und "Hoher Standard" für meine Abschlussarbeit.  Ich entschied mich dazu, mich neben meinem Beruf mit der Fotografie auf postgraduellen akademischen Level auseinanderzusetzen. 2019 wurde mir der Master of Arts in Photography with Distinction (Visual Communication) an der University of Hertfordshire (UK) verliehen. Für meine akademische Leistung wurde mir zusätzlich der Academic Achievement Award 2018/2019 des Interactive Design Institutes zuerkannt. 

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Sebastian Albert MA

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Salzburg, Austria